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Warranty Information

Warranty Items

  • Dalamar: Exceptions List items that were not completed before closing will be finished after the home is closed.
  • Suggestion: Keep a running list of items in a kitchen cabinet or another area in the home so at the time of the 1 Year Warranty a list is already prepared.
  • 1 Year Warranty: A 1 Year Warranty Request Form will be in the toolbox provided at closing. Please fill out the form and mail it back to Dalamar. If you do not have the form, click here for a printable Warranty Request Form.

Warranty Information

It is our goal at Dalamar Homes to complete your home with attention to detail so your home will not need further service. It would be unfair to lead you to believe this is regularly the case when there are dozens of craftsmen and thousands of parts and pieces working in your home. During the months following your move, the home and equipment may need to be fine-tuned. That's why we plan to visit and check on you and your home at least two times during your first year in the home. We just want to make it easy for you to get any bugs worked out as you adjust to life in your new home. If you need us in between visits, we are just a phone call away.

We build our homes to meet or exceed the standards of the National Home Builders Associations Standard Measures, the industry standard for quality construction.

1 Year Limited Warranty

  • A Warranty Request Form will be in the toolbox provided for you at the time of closing, or click here for a printable form. 
  • This form will enable you to list any issues you are currently having with your home.
  • The list must be mailed to the Dalamar office prior to the 1 Year date.
  • You will be contacted by a Dalamar Homes Representative to set up a time and a date to meet and walk your home and discuss warrantable items.
  • Once the initial walk is complete, the Customer Service Representative will schedule the warrantable work to be completed.


For immediate Warranty concerns, please go to our Warranty Tab or email: CustomerService@Dalamarhomes.com

or call the office at (615)953-6611

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