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About Dalamar Homes Tennessee & Kentucky Custom Home Builder

Your Custom Home Builder

Dalamar Homes was born in 2006 from the heart and vision of founder Dayla Martin. It started from conversations with homeowners: listening to friends living in the big and beautiful homes springing up around Nashville, it seemed these new homes were being designed and built without really understanding the needs of their occupants. Dayla started taking careful notes of homebuyer feedback. She paid especially close attention to what women wanted out of their homes and began researching the area to learn more about buyer choices on a large scale. She knew that this was a need she needed to fill.

Dayla began building one or two custom luxury homes a year. She designed her home ideas by listening closely to homeowner desires and preferences and going through several rounds of revisions. Once she was satisfied with the design and livability -- and saw its acceptance by her customers -- she'd start to build. Dayla focused on overall desirability, unique touches, genuine quality, and energy efficiency. She also looked for ways to control costs and pass on those savings to the buyer.

An eye for detail is what makes a Dalamar Home so great to live in. Dayla Martin paid attention to the small joys as well as the obvious needs: well-appointed kitchens and properly scaled rooms, but also laundry rooms, mudrooms, and good closet space. Quiet spaces, playrooms, and workspace were areas of special focus. Buyers and professionals in the real estate market quickly saw what care went into every home. Little details like thicker doorways, niches, and recessed art spaces make a home pop.

Building Custom Homes Together

Demand grew quickly. Dayla invited her son Matthew to join her as a partner, and he leaped at the opportunity to broaden the product base and meet more price points and style of homes while maintaining the key features and high grade of finishes Dayla had developed. Matthew has worked alongside his parents from childhood and was already well versed in quality construction. Together they focused on the new demands for high-grade custom homes while keeping Dalamar what it was and what it always will be.

Matthew quickly developed a stable slow-growth strategy that keeps the owners close to buyers while allowing Dalamar to reach more homeowners. Dayla continued to oversee design and feature selection with our customers while Matthew took the lead on the building process, guaranteeing every build was smooth and high quality. The partnership was a complete success. Not only do Mom and son work well together, but the interaction between buyer and builder allows so many wonderful relationships to grow right alongside the home they've always dreamed of.

Our Communities

Today Dalamar continues to focus on our homeowner's dreams and desires. Growing cautiously, we strive to balance demand with perfection in livable design, superb features, and quality of finish. Dayla is building in communities across the Middle Tennessee market with a broad range of price points. Over the years, she's developed an extensive list of ideal homes for our buyers to work from. Dayla also takes homes the buyers bring and have a desire to build, just adding that Dalamar touch. And, of course, we always welcome the opportunity to start with a dream and design together.

We are grateful for the home designers, customer representatives, and buyers we've had the opportunity to meet and work with. We know it's your home we're building, and it's our joy to Dream, Design, and Deliver that home together -- each home, every time, with the help of you and those who represent you.

What Makes Dalamar Unique

Building Affordable New Homes has been the domain of grizzled guys raised in construction, building what they liked and expecting people to like it.  Far too little focus has been placed on buyer preferences, the art of design blended with an effort to control cost while delivering on goals, and do so while being transparent and informing the customer of their choices.  Dalamar was born out of a desire to share our customer's dreams, understand and define those dreams in detail, and deliver a home that meets those dreams with a careful blend of dreams tied to the budget.  Homes are more than their value, but the value is usually important to consider as part of the dream, we at Dalamar homes care for the customer, and understand the need to blend the complex choices available to get the best Home for our customer.  We are blessed to build their homes, every day.