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Hope House

At Dalamar Homes we believe if you choose hope, then anything is possible. As one of our many core values, we believe Hope is best accompanied by relationship, teamwork, and community. It is with these fundamentals mentioned that sparked the creation of Hope House. Dalamar Homes custom builds a home in select neighborhoods, in which all net proceeds from the sale go directly to local non-profit organizations; Nashville Rescue Mission and Mercy Multiplied to name a few. After years of working alongside these companies and watching them work tirelessly to give back to Middle Tennessee, we full-heartedly began the journey of Hope House. The process of Hope House is an action of unity; from the initial groundbreaking ceremony, blessing the studs of the home signed by members of the non-profit organizations, and the final closing ceremony, Hope House will forever stand as a symbol of community.

We invite you to follow along in what we believe will be a gift that will touch this city and impact lives!


Ground breaking

The first step in the building process. We are joined by local charitable organizations, members of the community, and the entire Dalamar team to commence the start of Hope House. After this step, the building process truly begins. Stay up to date with current events and join us at our next Groundbreaking Ceremony!

Home Blessing

This is one of our favorite parts of the process! Members of the supported organizations join us to sign blessings and words of encouragement on the studs of the home.

Closing Ceremony

The end, and a new beginning, of the Hope House process. Once the home is complete and the lucky homeowner is ready to move in, we donate 100% of the net proceeds to local organizations Dalamar holds dear. After the home closes, Dalamar chooses the next location for a brand new Hope House.

Pictured: our 2019  Nolensville, TN Hope House

Hope House - Building a Custom Home in Nashville for those in need.
Hope House - Local Charitable Organization
Enclave at Dove Lake, Nolensville, Tennessee

2021 Hope House

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