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Our Founders

Dayla Martin


A degree in finance, years of experience in custom home building, a heart for people, and a love for beautiful homes are the centerpieces that led Dayla to the dream of Dalamar Homes. For years, Dayla had noticed a disconnect between a customer's desire for more personal input and creativity and what many builders were willing to accommodate, thus leading to a somewhat frustrating experience for customers. Dayla believed that she could offer something better, more personal, and at a better value. Many factors contributed to the model of leadership she has used in growing Dalamar Homes: life experience, career, and education were essential. What has proven invaluable to this business is the wisdom and insight Dayla has, which only comes with a 38-year marriage, three grown children, and nine grandchildren. Dayla has built a 15-year legacy with Dalamar Homes while simultaneously prioritizing family and the customer.

Matthew Martin


Shortly after Dayla dreamed of Dalamar Homes, Matthew joined her in growing the company. Matthew grew up in Phoenix, AZ with a love of construction and had been around it his entire life with both parents working in the industry. A licensed general contractor and college graduate, Matthew now serves on the board of MTSU and partners with industry program students who pursue higher education in the building industry. Matthew is certified in teaching CE courses for licensed real estate professionals and has served on the board of ethics for the BBB of Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky. Presently, he has built hundreds of homes across Tennessee and Kentucky and resides in a beautiful, Dalamar home with his wife of 16 years - a nurse and his three children. Matthew and his family own and operate a children's home in Tegucigalpa, Honduras benefiting un-housed children and are very involved in non-profit work stateside, as well.