Most dream of owning the charming custom home of their dreams. A place that feels like home and allows you to use creativity to showcase your uniqueness and style. Purchasing a house is among the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Therefore, ensuring you love the design and layout is a priority.

If you are considering building and customizing your home, hiring a qualified residential contractor can help you design and construct the gorgeous home of your dreams. The experienced team at Dalamar Homes provides quality craftsmanship and uses the best materials to work with you and build a custom home you love.

Experience and Knowledge

Finding a residential contractor who is experienced and knowledgeable about both the functions and aesthetics of custom homes ensures an easy process. Dalamar Homes has over 15 years of experience designing and building custom and luxury homes, striving to develop unique designs that provide comfortable livability with the latest advancements.

Clients can expect excellent customer care and beautifully designed, energy-efficient homes built to meet their needs and desires with quality materials.

Project Management and Efficient Process

The right residential contractor will guide you through the process and be by your side to answer your questions along the way. At Dalamar Homes, we follow an efficient and practical approach to alleviate the stresses many feel while building a new home. Our streamlined process helps avoid confusion by keeping everyone involved and updated.

The steps include:

  • Structural meeting to design the customized floor plan
  • Selections appointment with the home designer
  • Meeting with an AV professional to select the audio and visual equipment of your choice
  • On-site construction orientation with the sales agent and project manager
  • Pre-drywall home walk-through appointment
  • The closing letter notifying the home is approximately 30 to 45 days from completion
  • Final home orientation walk-through
  • The Dalamar Homes warranty process

After finalizing the purchase agreement, our team will meet with you to discuss and design a custom floor plan. With a highly experienced draft team, we will draw the plans designed specifically for your lot according to your needs and expectations. After planning the home’s layout and creating the blueprint, a professional home designer will meet with you to select custom details that personalize the house with your unique style. The selections include picking colors, interior and exterior finishes, and more.

Then, an audio-visual selections appointment entails a meeting with AV specialists to review your options and select the entertainment experience of your choice. That may include advanced technology providing audio throughout the home, outdoor entertainment, smart lighting fixtures, and more. Next is the on-site construction orientation with the sales agent and project manager. The appointment will involve learning about the home’s foundation, framing, and mechanical stages.

Finally, the pre-drywall home walk-through appointment allows you to view the construction of your custom home before builders install the drywall. After installing, they will complete the flooring, paint, trim, and the home’s interior and exterior finish. When the construction phase is nearing completion, you will receive a closing letter and notification to schedule the final home orientation and complete the Dalamar Homes warranty process.

Room for Home Improvement

The professional team at Dalamar Homes understands that people and their preferences change with time. Therefore, we design and construct your home by leaving room for upgrades and improvement. Whether you want to make room for a bigger kitchen or add an extra bathroom, you can change your space over time. Dalamar Homes’ homeownership experience is custom-designed to fit your lifestyle needs today and tomorrow.

Hire Dalamar Homes for an Affordable Custom Home

Dalamar Homes is an affordable custom home builder passionate about customer satisfaction and designing and constructing superior custom homes. We specialize in the construction of new home communities across Tennessee and Kentucky.

By offering unparalleled craftsmanship and the ability to create custom homes from start to finish, we understand how to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations and desires. Our customer-oriented staff will help you navigate the new home construction process offering guidance every step of the way. 

Contact Dalamar Homes today to meet with a residential contractor and begin your journey to building the custom home of your dreams.