Couple reveals what keeps them bonded

Most married couples come home from work and share stories from their workdays over dinner. However, couples who work together live out every day of their lives together – whether on a worksite or in an office. This can be exhilarating for some and an adjustment for others. Statistics show about 22 percent of married couples in the U.S. now work together. That includes Nashville couple Sentayehu and Kateasha Wondmaneh.

The two met in 2017 as students at Trevecca Nazarene University – he was a junior and she was a freshman. It wasn’t love at first sight. The two started as friends but grew closer after Sentayehu returned to get his Master’s a year later. After reuniting, the couple dated and wed in June 2021 following graduation.

“After graduation, I worked as a social worker,” Kateasha said. “But I was pretty unhappy with my role and the long commute.”

Sentayehu said that’s when a conversation with Dalamar’s leadership led to him being able to invite his wife to (apply) and work for Dalamar Homes. The organization focuses on affordable custom home builds.

“What I love about the company is that we build homes in communities with families in mind,” he said. “We focus on beautiful and affordable homes and that really makes me feel great about the company I work for at the end of the day. I knew Kateasha would be a great fit at the time. And she’s been a valuable part of the team since she joined!”

Sentayehu and Kateasha say their best advice for any couples working together is to leave work at work. “It’s okay to vent but don’t allow it to be every second of your relationship,” said Sentayehu. While at work the couple keeps it professional. But every day isn’t a perfect day. The hardest thing the two have had to overcome is being present as coworkers while at work and marriage partners while at home.

Every couple, that finds themselves working together, doesn’t have such an easy transition. Think about it. Having a happy social life, relationships and a marriage can be tough. There are families to juggle, possibly kids or pets, finance, and budgets. You have to make sure to continue to date each other but also find hobbies outside of each other to keep that spark alive. In 2022, research shows an estimated 41 percent of all first marriages end in divorce.

With that statistic, could you imagine putting those two things (work and marriage) together?

Don’t fret – there are ways to keep hope alive. There are many tips for finding and keeping a happy and successful marriage. Relationship specialist, Dr. Tiffany Hughes, says the top three pointers for married couples who work together are to learn to deal with conflict, show respect at all times, and learn about yourself first. “Married partners need time together in order to grow strong,” Dr. Hughes said. “However, each individual must know who he/she is first before they can bring their whole selves to the relationship.”