Meet The Team

Meet the Team

Dayla Martin

A degree in finance, years of experience in custom home building, a heart for people and a love for beautiful homes are the center pieces that led Dayla to the dream of Dalamar Homes. For years, Dayla had noticed a disconnect between a customer's desire for more personal input and creativity and what many builders were willing to accommodate. Thus leading to a somewhat frustrating experience for customers. Dayla believed that she could offer something better, more personal and at a better value. Many factors contributed to the model of leadership she has used in growing Dalamar Homes. Life experience, career and education were essential. What has proven to be invaluable to this business, is the wisdom and insight Dayla has that only comes with a 38 year marriage, 3 grown children and 6 grandchildren. Building homes with an understanding of their importance is a joy that Dayla Martin gladly facilitates.

Matthew Martin

Shortly after Dayla dreamed Dalamar Homes, Matthew joined her in growing the company. With both mom and dad involved in the homebuilding industry, Matthew grew up with a love of construction. Since the age of 10, Matthew spent free time running sites (or assisting in trade crafts). Being immersed in the building arena for so long created a natural desire to pursue it at a professional level. So after completing college, Matthew partnered with his mother to grow the dream. Matthew and Dayla have blended duties seamlessly to create a joyful workplace throughout the years. They are able to stay close to the customer throughout the entire process of building each home. Matthew lives in a Dalamar home that he built for his wife of nine years, and his two children.

Erika Root
Administrative Manager

Erika joined Dalamar Homes early in our development, with a background of years in various departments of large process-focused national building companies. With Erika's experience, in conjunction with Dayla and Matthew's, she has been an invaluable member of the Dalamar team. While keeping each customer's home an individual priority, Erika aids in blending systems and processes that allow for smooth flow and transition of information. She is highly organized, a great communicator, and always keeps the process fun. Our team and our customers love Erika!

Phil Gomez
Production Manager

Phil joined Dalamar in early 2015. As the company continues to grow, we needed a well-developed construction expert, who also had a true love for people as well as the commitment to the dream of each customer. Few individuals in this industry come with more knowledge and experience than that of Phil Gomez. His intentional focus, results and respect for each customer are just a few of the valuable skill sets that Phil has to offer. His leadership of our team of on-site builders has been a great step forward for Dalamar Homes.

Katie Hatcher
Starts and Closing Coordinator

From the beginning of the building process to the final closing, there are many moving parts and people that require constant communication. Katie tracks every step of this process in detail, while minimizing errors and issues. As Starts and Closing Coordinator, Katie keeps things moving forward until the home is completed and our dear customer is happily settled in their home!