Mortgage Information

Mortgage Information

What to expect during the Mortgage Process

The first step in the mortgage application process is determining not only where you want to buy but also how much house to buy. We help you determine that based on your financial condition. Your loan application requires documentation of your income and assets, which will be used during the underwriting process to determine if we can approve your mortgage loan.  Once you finalize your contract with the builder, we will send you the Initial Disclosures for your loan, for you to read and sign. When your new home is about 30-45 days from completion, we start updating your file with new pay stubs and bank statements.  We also order the appraisal and title work.  Once all of this documentation has been received, your application goes to our underwriters for final approval and upon approval, the loan may be closed.  

You can apply with us in person, by phone or online through our website links below.

Sample List of Documentation Needed for Initial Approval (documentation must be provided for all applicants)

1.       A copy of your Driver’s License

2.       Tax Returns for the 2 previous years.  Please include all schedules, attachments, and W2s. 

3.       Most recent pay stubs for the previous 30 days.

4.       Most recent statement for all Asset Accounts.  (Bank, Investment and Retirement)

5.       The most recent mortgage statement, tax statement, and insurance statement for any other real estate you own.