The Home Building Process

The Building Process - What to Expect:

So much of the Building experience is enjoyed when there is mutual understanding and on-going communication established between the buyer and builder. Key members of Dalamar's team meets at length with each of our customers to be certain that the home dreamt of is the home that is built.

Matthew Martin works within each home to attain the goals that are set during the Selections Process. As the home begins, the production team meets with the customer to review the detailed plans and features. This ensures that the builder and buyer are clear on the details of the build project.

Throughout the building process, weekly updates are provided on the progress of the home toward completion. We encourage our customers to meet with the project manager and walk the home at the completion of the following:

 Prior to construction

 Framing phase

 Once more prior to completion, before the homeowner moves into the home

A positive experience, confidence in quality, and a seamless move-in are Dalamar's key goals for our customers.



Every new Home begins with a dream. Someone wants a new home for a growing family, a better lifestyle, a more attractive location, or....? We at Dalamar want to share your dream, to understand it, and make it real together. It is the purpose, preferences, features, budget, and setting, we bring together to make dreams reality. Few things are more rewarding than taking a dream, turning that into a visual rendering, and completing it with a newly built and finished home, but best of all is enjoying the home you move into! Our team of product professionals can make the dreaming fun.


Dalamar has a special set of Idea homes that will meet a broad set of our customers' dreams and goals with efficiency and desirability. It is not unusual however for our customers to come with dreams more specific than our idea homes. We regularly work with our customers and our home designer to create a completely new design specifically to meet the dreams of our customer. Controlling costs as you design and helping with the balance of choices is what our team's history, experience, and focus on our customer can offer in a unique way. Wherever we start the process, it is the time taken to define the dream that allows us to deliver a great experience fulfilling the dream. We know is together.


With over 100 years of combined experience our owners are as equipped as they are committed to making our customers dream of home a rewarding and enjoyable experience. It is a joyful opportunity to build just the right home for a great customer. The building of a home requires hundreds of people, thousands of parts, and dozens of problems to be solved. It is a mix or art, science, and experienced problem solving. For Dalamar it is a well-planned puzzle we put together from you the customers dream and design. We are proud to say we have satisfied almost 100% of our customers with their finished homes, every years since we began. We are grateful for great customers with big dreams!